Translation quality assurance (TQA) - best practices for software localization

Discover the essential strategies for Translation Quality Assurance (TQA) in software localization. Learn best practices to ensure accurate and high-quality translations for your global audience.

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Lingohub collected the main tips for web app localization. Read the best practices of how to translate and adapt your software in our blog.

The importance of transcreation in localization

Transcreation involves a more creative approach to translation than localization. It allows the adaptation of slogans, brand voices, and even names for local markets. Read more in the blog.

Localization in (UGC) user-generated content

UGC (user-generated content) became an important part of the user experience. Read in this article how to localize it to help your global audience.

CMSs_ industry state and how to localize them best

Learn how CMS localization can boost your online presence, expand your reach, and optimize for international success with our informative article.

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