What is a machine translation?

Drive your business to speak with customers worldwide. Lingohub's machine translation combines powerful engines: DeepL, Amazon Translate, and Google Translate, to provide highly-accurate translations in a few clicks. 


Lingohub Machine Translation features

Get machine translation suggestions

Use the MT suggestions in the text editor to speed up localization processes. By combining machine translation with our additional features: substituting finished translation parts from the translation memory, glossaries, and quality checks, you will get a total precision result.

Prefill with MT

Automatically fill the empty text segments. Synchronize the popular repositories like Github, Gitlab, etc., different applications and get fast-translated files without back and force uploading. Get pre-translated text segments and reduce time and cost spending.


Try a different language in your app or website almost instantly. Arabian, Chinese, France - it does not matter which one. MT provides highly-accurate translations - best fitted for prototyping at the first stages of localization.

Robust engines for high-quality

Our team takes the best from DeepL, Amazon, and Google Translate engines. We combine the vast Google database of languages, accurate natural-sounding Deepl opportunities, and 4970 language combinations provided by Amazon.

Get the benefits of Machine Translation
with Lingohub

Highly-accurate result
Wide range of supported languages
Fast pre-translation
Time and cost saving
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