Inside LingoHub

Get to know who’s behind LingoHub and the mission that drives us

Who we are

LingoHub company was founded in 2012 by Helmut Juskewycz (CEO) and Markus Merzinger. Based in Linz, in the mountainous Austria, our international team is the foundation that keeps us going. Composed of software and linguistic professionals, our team uses the cumulative knowledge and experience to feed our passion for innovation and communication.

More than that - we develop our translation management service with you specifically in mind. We've been there, we've learned the lessons, and we're on a mission to help software and content creators manage their localization projects efficiently and with ease.

The LingoHub promise

At Lingohub, all our work is anchored by this promise of “You create - LingoHub translates”.

We support you in your translation management efforts by storing, managing, and translating your content. All in one place. As simple as that. We believe that this credo helps you, as developers, product managers, or simply makers, to focus on what’s really important: To build better software that serves your customers. We take care of the translation part.

How it started

The idea of LingoHub really dates back to 2008. More than a decade ago, the founding team was working as software developers for various technology companies and experienced problems with translations and the painfully chaotic translation process.

As developers, they would send YAML files to translators asking them to provide translations for new product features or new languages we supported. But then they always got back Microsoft Word files. With that approach, they had to manually copy/paste every single text back to the YAML file.

LingoHub Team

What we do

LingoHub uses sophisticated cloud and integration technology for digital product translation. Integrated payment systems, reliable connection to repositories of your choosing, and specialized quality checks are just some of our flexible solutions.

LingoHub helps you cut translation management overheads, by being in sync with your project and organizational needs.

Created for simplicity and scalability, LingoHub is adaptable to the development side of the localization business.

Why do we do it

No digital language barriers - that is our vision. In order to create this multilingual digital world, where everyone has access to content in their native language, we focus on providing a simple, affordable, and reliable tool that generates authentic translations.

We liberate and empower LingoHubbers by providing them with a seamless integration service. LingoHub translation management service reduces costs and time while preserving the quality of content, and dictates new workflow standards for digital translation.

Ready to optimize your translation workflow?