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Localization Case Studies

Speaking customers’ languages is an essential part of every successful globalization story.

Localization Case Studies - Nimbusec

LingoHub enables us to open up new markets for our website security monitor nimbusec. It speeds up our team based development process and is fully integrated in our release workflow.

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Alexander Mitter, General Manager of Nimbusec
Nimbusec is a website’s fire alarm. More than 10.000 websites trust in the web-based security software translated into over 10 languages.

Localization Case Studies - Tractive

Launching our apps on LingoHub, liberates our team enormously, we can do it faster and in more languages. We are relieved of all the emails and the tedious back and forth workflows.

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Michael Hurnaus, CEO of Tractive
Tractive offers the smallest and lightest GPS device combined with a mobile app, translated into 28 languages, to keep track of pets.

Localization Case Studies - Runtastic

Positive feedback from both the developers and our translators underlines that switching to LingoHub was the right choice for us.

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Kerstin Somalo, Head of Translations of Runtastic
Runtastic, one of the most popular fitness app vendors, offers more than 15 apps translated into 15+ languages.

Localization Case Studies - Mindmeister

We’re extremely happy with LingoHub, the workflow is completely hassle-free. It’s really a joy to use.

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Raphaela Brandner, Marketing & Content Manager of MeisterLabs
MeisterLabs enhances creative and collaborative work. Successful companies around the globe use the tools translated into 8 languages.

Localization Case Studies - Triggertrap

LingoHub’s integration with GitHub has allowed us to streamline our translation workflow enormously. We can now bring translators in later in our sprints, freeing us up to focus on feature development rather than spending lots of time getting translations into the app.

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Rich Harley, Head of Product of Triggertrap
Triggertrap provides an intuitive camera remote. International customers trust in their powerful and localized apps.
Photo: Tim Gamble

Localization Case Studies - Ticketswap

LingoHub is the best of the many translation tools we explored. We can easily synchronize our Symfony2 translations via the Ruby client.

Ruud Kamphuis, Co-Founder of TicketSwap
TicketSwap is a safe place where e-tickets are sold and bought. People from all over the world use the platform and apps translated into 5 languages.

Localization Case Studies - Usersnap

LingoHub brought our translation workflow on the next level and allowed us to collaborate more effectively with our external translators.

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Thomas Peham, Marketing Manager of Usersnap
Usersnap is an intuitive bug tracking tool for web development. It enhances collaboration among developers, designers and clients and is trusted by customers in more than 2.500 cities around the globe.

Localization Case Studies - GoCardless

We really love how LingoHub has made collaboration a thousand times easier. We can easily split the translation work among different people.

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Nicola Anderson, VP Marketing of GoCardless
GoCardless is one of the hottest fintech startups in UK. GoCardless processes over £ 1bn of payments every year for more than 20,000 customers worldwide.

Localization Case Studies - GoCardless

We love the „LingoHub way“ to export right into the
localization files, which keeps the source segments.

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Markus Schwed, Co-Founder / Developer
CompanyMood is the easiest way to track employees’ mood and collect feedback. Founded in 2014, the startup counts 314 happy customers and is on the rise.

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