Simple localization of your mobile applications

Adapt the mobile product for users from different countries. Lingohub allows you to combine work with technical, design, and translation tasks for the best result.

Change the perception of the product, taking into account the cultural characteristics to be global, while Lingohub supports you.

iOS and Android SDK with OTA

No need to release a new version to the Google Play Store or App Store. The mobile SDK from Lingohub supports Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, allowing you to publish translation updates to iOS and Android apps effortlessly.

Convert between iOS and Android

Lingohub offers a tight coupling between Apple iOS and Android projects to speed up your multi-mobile development. You can create one of these projects and export the translated resource files in another format.


Our API empowers you to define your workflow and integrate Lingohub into your development process. Add Lingohub's integration or even build a custom plugin to transfer your resource files.

CAT tools for improved quality

Lingohub provides a list of powerful tools to alleviate and speed up the translation. Machine translation, quality checks, style guides, the term base, etc., automate the localization process to make it smooth and reduce common issues (tone of voice, length/space quality, and more).

Comprehensive data overview

Control all the essential information in a single interface. The dashboard provides important notifications and data about the latest orders and current projects.

Additionally, Lingohub allows you to control all the edits inside your projects and track the segments' lifecycles with the list of statuses for target and source texts. 

Communicate with the team in a single place

Make your team united in the working process — no need to swipe between different applications to discuss the work questions about localization.

Mention users and projects, attach files, and localize in one place. With Slack and email integration, your members wouldn't miss important notifications even logged out of the application.

Customer feedback

Since Tractive offers its product and services to customers worldwide, we needed a tool that could support a wide range of languages to cater to our diverse client base and international operations. Also, we wanted to have a user-friendly tool that can "grow with us" and our needs.

Martina Fischer

Communications Lead, Tractive GmbH

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