What is a style guide?

Lingohub provides a style guide feature, a set of standards and recommendations for using certain words, expressions, and terms.

With style guides, your writers' team or ordered translators have "a single source of truth," and you can be sure about the consistency of the translations within all the projects.

Clear instructions will help the translator follow the style of information, create or maintain a recognisable image of your company in a new market, and at the same time take into account the interests of the target audience and the cultural specifics of the countries.


Lingohub Style Guide features

Find the right tone

You may create separate style guides for different audiences. There are five available groups based on age range - children, teenagers, young adults, adults, and older adults.

Stick to the unified connotation

Choose the right option for your translation: cultural, conversational, literal, or neutral connotations. The style guides will inform the team on how to translate the texts.

List of vocabulary types

As well as connotation, you can set the vocabulary for your projects. Select between fictional, popular, or technical one.

Unified grammatical person

Adhering to a unified approach to the grammatical person is essential when writing texts. Lingohub offers eight options for keeping your projects in a single style.

Formal and informal languages

You can choose one of the formality options based on the project type, audience, and text goals. Prepare the text sample to show the team targeted result.

Get the benefits of Style Guide with Lingohub

Single source of trust for in-house and ordered translators
Faster translation without loss of quality 
Kept a unified professional format
Consistency of the translations within all the projects

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