What is quality checks?

Quality checks is one of the primary Lingohub tools. It keeps projects' translations within predetermined criteria and instantly notifies of deviations from the defined rules.

With this feature, translators get essential context like the length of the translation in dialog boxes or technical aspects (e.g., placeholders), which simplifies and accelerates the process.


Lingohub Quality Checks features

Translations quality check

Make sure your translations are error-free. Based on your settings, the quality checks compare source and target text to find all issues and notify you about them.

Original text quality check

Set up the rules for source text and be sure about their uniform. Don't spend time editing both source and target text after translations.


Quality checks automatically determine errors like inconsistent punctuation or extra spaces and help to fix them.

Length quality check

Establish the max or min fixed length relative to the source. Control the permissible number of characters for the different parts of your project - buttons, headers, pop-ups, etc. Avoid major design issues by monitoring the length of the texts.

Spaces quality check

Compare the target and source text by the similarity of the spaces. You can prevent duplication and ensure that all text segments (sentences, paragraphs, etc.) start and end with the same spaces.

Markup HTML quality check

Check the relevance of the markup in the source and finished text. Avoid situations where the markup is present in the translation but not in the original version, or vice versa.

Placeholders quality checker

As well as markup HTML, you can control placeholders existing in the target and source versions. The Lingohub will notice if the language versions have different placeholders (their absence or extra exist).

Duplication quality checker

Get rid of the text duplication within the translation. The quality checks recognizes unintentionally repeated text parts and will help you by pointing at them.

Terminology company quality checker

The correct spelling of companies, organizations, product features' names, etc., plays an essential role in business. It helps users and partners stay in tune with your product without misunderstanding. Quality checks warns when the text violates terminology guidelines and suggests the correct form.

Get the benefits of Quality Checks with Lingohub

Reduce issues of initial files
Taking error count to the minimum
Control placeholders
Take care of HTML Markup
Reduce duplication

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