What Lingohub will do for you?

As a Product Manager
  • Manage all your translation processes in one place

  • Verify and improve text quality

  • Find and hire translators and authors

  • Integrate with your websites, CMS, eCommerce

As a Developer
  • Localisation that works for you, not against you

  • Full support for your GIT repo: branching, PRs

  • Use Lingohub’s REST API, CLI and workflows for automation

  • Integrate with your tools: GitHub, GitLab, Slack

As a Translator
  • Use Lingohub’s web-based translation suite without installation

  • Includes automatic activity tracking and translation reports

  • Build your online web business and web presence

    Coming soon
  • Accept payments worldwide and automatic financial reports

    Coming soon
As a Designer
  • Internationalize your UI and UX without being a translator

  • Detect problems early in the design process to avoid costly redesigns

  • Use Lingohub’s REST API, CLI and workflows for automation

  • Integrate with your tools: GitHub, GitLab, Slack


Text in many language in one place. Until now, you had to use multiple service to localise your web and mobile apps, marketing materials, and documents. Lingohub connects and combines all your text management into one powerful experience.

An editor built from the ground up for language managers and translators.

Online Editor
Online Editor
Version management
More context

Online Editor

Two editor's views for comprehensive segments management - focus the attention on the specific segments or get a complete overview.


Different teams working together. Your text is scattered in different tools: code hosting, chats, CMS-headless or not, help center, your database, documents, web apps, mobile apps. Lingohub connects and creates calm.

Connect tools
Connect tools
30+ technologies
First class experience

Smooth integrations

Connect your preferred tools, such as repositories, applications, design tools and CMS, to enhance the localization process and increase efficiency.

Automate more, deliver faster,
and continuously improve

Top organizations know that transformation also depends on technology, talent, culture, and process. Lingohub helps enterprises bring teams together to translate in one place.


A translation tool you can depend on. Lingohub contains all the translation engines you need: translation memory, machine translation, glossary and style guide. All available at you fingertips.

Never start from zero again.

Translation memory
Translation memory
Machine translation
Style guide

Translation memory

Never translate your texts twice and stay consistent. With every translation your translation memory gets smarter.


A marketplace for skills. You can understand a language with your head, but only one language speaks to your heart your own language. Talk to your customers in a language that they not only understand but feel.

Own translators
Own translators
New translators
Control budgets

Bring your own translators

Work with existing team members and translators right from the start. Track word counts, assignt budgets, and do payouts in one place.

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