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    • Our Customers’ Success defines ours

      runtastic logo
      Runtastic, one of the most popular fitness app vendors, offers more than 15 apps translated into 15+ languages.

      “LingoHub integrates neatly into our product cycle satisfying worldwide customers who expect regular updates and an intuitive interface in their language. Ease of use and reliability helps our team and assists in keeping overheads down in the localization process which is very important.”

    • Our Customers’ Success defines ours

      Triggertrap provides an intuitive camera remote. International customers trust in their powerful and localized apps.

      “Lingohub’s integration with GitHub has allowed us to streamline our translation workflow enormously. We can now bring translators in later in our sprints, freeing us up to focus on feature development rather than spending lots of time getting translations into the app.”

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    Reduce your Translation Time by over 60%

    Manage all your texts, developers, marketers, language coordinators and translators in one place. A clean interface along with automatic notifications eliminates unnecessary communication, ultimately speeding up your translation process.

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    Optimize your Localization Workflow

    Stop translating with Excel sheets and worrying about missing texts. Continuous translation management keeps your projects up to date and tracks text changes automatically. Stay consistent across your projects and never translate the same text twice.

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    Give LingoHub your personal Touch

    Keep on working with the team you trust. Collaborate with your own translators, use ours or both. The choice is yours!

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    Boost your Productivity

    Choose whatever suits you best and upload texts via Web, REST API or GitHub/Bitbucket integration. The built-in translation memory (TM) suggests already translated texts, helps staying consistent across all projects and enhances efficiency. Browse Features

Professional Translations
at a Push of a Button

No risk when it comes to quality! We teamed up with some of the industry leading translation providers. Order professional translations to over 30 languages at a push of a button.


We love Translation Services for GitHub and Translation Services for Bitbucket !

No need to change the way you and your team work. LingoHub integrates into your development environment and you can use existing tools like GitHub and BitBucket.

Translation Services for GitHub and Bitbucket

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