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All your translations in one place


Bring your team together and collaborate on translations.


Automate mundane aspects of software localization.


Ensure quality translations that are always up-to-date.

Easy translation work

The old days of localizing software are over.

Translating apps, games or website needs be simple and effective. With LingoHub, it is. Store all your translations, manage your translation tasks, and stay productive as a team. Translate any software, and release your work faster.

Develop and translate in parallel

Easy localization work. Faster releases.

Develop and translate in parallel. Use our integrations to push and pull translations easily. LingoHub’s Continuous Translation approach streamlines your translations smoothly with your product development.

No more waiting.

Automate translations

Automate to focus on what really matters

LingoHub atomates the mundane part of software localization for developers and translators.

By automating routine dev tasks or content updates, LingoHub allows your team to focus on what really matters.

Automate translations

All the translation tools you need

LingoHub gives developers, product managers and translators all the tools they need. Translation Memory, Machine Translation, LingoChecks, AutoFill and a personalized Term Base, ensure your translation quality.

What can you translate with LingoHub?

Web apps

Any sort of web apps.

Mobile apps

Use the mobile SDK for Android & iOS.


Translate any kind of game with LingoHub.


Translate your websites with LingoHub.

Design files

Translate the text of your inDesign files.


Translate markdown or Word files.

for you and your colleagues


LingoHub helps developer focus on their main work and eliminates the hassle of software translations.

Product Managers

Manage all your different languages and product versions, collaborate with your team, and speed up the translation process.


Translating software with LingoHub is easy and fast.

The integrations you need to bring translations into your process



Popular frameworks & technologies supported



Connect LingoHub to your favorite repository.


File formats

Various file formats supported.

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