Gain customer satisfaction by automating and managing localization, release frequently and building software in their native language.

Translation Activities

Emails, Excel sheets and missing texts are faded memories
Always be on top of your translations with LingoHub.


Fully-featured online translation interface

There’s no more need to edit resource files. The whole localization process takes place in the browser.

Complete your projects more swiftly

A team of translators can work on your texts collaborating simultaneously, so you can launch faster. Invite as many collaborators as you need to localize your app on time.

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Integrated in your personal workflow

There’s no need to change the way you and your team work. LingoHub integrates into your environments and you can use existing tools such as GitHub and BitBucket.

Comments and Screenshots

Increase your translation quality with
comments and screenshots

You can easily add comments and screenshots to individual parts of your project.

Some of the platforms & frameworks we support

Enjoy a massive productivity boost!

With all file handling dealt with you can quickly deploy a
multilingual app, export or sync the results.

Painlessly save money and deliver high quality releases.

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