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Are you tired of your translation mess? Is managing software translations blocking your development pipeline?

LingoHub takes care of your translation management. You focus on the rest.

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Never worry about translations again

Software translations made easy

Our platform allows you to store, manage, and translate your content all in one place. It automatically detects text changes and makes sure your translation is up to your personalized Quality Checks.

Lingohub Translation Management Integrations

We integrate with your tools

Developer-first translation management

LingoHub was created with software translation in mind. We use and integrate with tools developers use and provide an efficient bridge for translation professionals.

Order translations in 40+ languages

Multilingual content within your grasp

Order translations in 40+ languages

If you are searching for professional translators that can perfectly fit your team & project needs, we've got you covered!

LingoHub can connect you to localization professionals in 40+ languages at affordable prices.

Why LingoHub

Continuous translation

High translation performance and quality with a translation workflow that integrates in your development pipeline.


Made by and for developers. LingoHub includes all the tools developers need.

All platforms, technologies and languages

Supporting desktop, web, or mobile applications, LingoHub supports all applications.

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Hundreds of companies rely
on LingoHub for successful localization


LingoHub supports dozens of file formats, technologies and frameworks prefered by software developers. Join our orbit!

Supported technologies
Technologies/Frameworks Services
Android Angular Laravel GitHub
Apple iOS React Symfony2 Bitbucket
Java Vue Zend GitLab
C#/.NET JSON Framework Slack
Ruby on Rails PHP
Qt Excel Django
i18next Word Python

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