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Organize your Translations

LingoHub’s most powerful advantage is the automation of translation workflows.

  • Invite team members and manage your team
  • Communicate through screenshots and comments
  • Monitor your projects, languages and translation progress on your dashboard
  • Restore texts from the translation history
  • Extensive file format and framework support


Master translation management and organize translations on the Dashboard

Achieve higher Text Quality

Easy-to-use translation tools guarantee a consistent style and wording across your translation projects.

  • Set up your own glossary and contribute to the self-learning Translation Memory, which provides suggestions based on your past translations.
  • Machine Translation speeds up translations by allocating an initial translation.
  • Define quality checks for your texts, which are automatically controlled and enforced.


Master translation using LingoHub's translation tools

Order Translations

You have access to thousands of professional human translators fluent in over 35 languages. Order high-quality translations and reviews whenever needed.


Order high-quality translations

Connect your Services

LingoHub goes where the action is; integrate with Bitbucket and GitHub to automatically push and pull texts. Notifications inform your team whenever new texts need to be translated. Productivity spurs when the entire translation workflow is in one place.


Master translation through connection GitHub

Convince your Boss

Translation Memory reduces translation time

Higher text quality with Term Bases

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Convince your Developer

GitHub and Bitbucket integration

LingoHub supports 30+ technologies

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