Translation management for Mobile and Web Apps.
All your translations in one place, integrating with the tools and services you use every day.

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Localization is a daily hassle?

Never again in just 3 steps:


Connect a project

Starting a new language project is easy. Define your personal workflow and upload texts via Web, REST API or use Github/Bitbucket integration. That’s it.



Add languages and your own translators, or let us do the work. Simply order from thousands of LingoHub’s professional translators all over the world.


Publish your translations

Once translated, your project is ready to go global. Push texts back to your project and release your awesome product in new markets.

Tough time finding good translators?

We partnered up with some of the industry leading translation providers and offer translations to over 30 languages. It takes just a couple of clicks to order translations. Convenience at its best.
No risk when it comes to quality; we only work with professional translators in their native language! Use your own translators or ours, or both! The choice is yours.



Translating is a complicated task. LingoHub’s browser-based translation environment is here to help: Translation Memory, Term Base, Style Guide, In-Place Help right at your fingertips for maximum efficiency and quality.

Github Bitbucket


Are you using Github or Bitbucket? GREAT! With just a couple of clicks you can import your projects to LingoHub and start translating. Once the translation is done, just push back the texts from LingoHub.



Manage your translation team with ease. Set exactly who can do what in which project without losing control. Manage 100 people with the same efficiency as 10 people. One page to rule them all!



We love developers! Developers are makers and they like to do things their way. Use our REST API the way you want to! If you have any questions or request, our team is here to help.



You don’t wanna spend time and money on a product and then have an embarrassing translation error? Check for text consistency, placeholders, text length, using the correct terms and much more.



You are special and unique, so why should you be stuck in one workflow? You want to have the marketing department to proofread the texts before they are getting published? No problemo! Or use our predefined LingoHub workflow trusted by thousands of translators.

No Excel sheets or missing texts

Your texts, developers, marketing people, language coordinators, translators, etc. all in one place. LingoHub eliminates a lot of communication needs through a clear interface, automatic notifications and a collaborative environment. Our customers decreased average translation time by over 60%.



Never translate the same text twice

We developed a Translation Memory (TM) tailored to the needs of our customers. LingoHub’s TM automatically suggests already translated texts combined with machine translation. Stay consistent over all your projects and never translate a text twice. Less work means less costs; save money with LingoHub.

Continuous translation

The only thing constant in your world is change. New updates, features and texts are released on a regular basis. How do you keep up with your translations? You don’t, LingoHub does it for you! Text changes are automatically tracked and aligned with your personal workflow. Source text changed? Existing translations are marked that they need to be reviewed again.


We love GitHub and Bitbucket!

There’s no need to change the way you and your team work. LingoHub integrates into your environments and you can use existing tools such as GitHub and BitBucket.

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You can easily upgrade to use more features – Learn more about our packages.

Our customers’ success defines ours

Rene Giretzlehner

Runtastic, one of the most popular fitness app vendors, has over 30 apps in over 15 languages.

“LingoHub integrates neatly into our product cycle satisfying worldwide customers who expect regular updates and an intuitive interface in their language. Ease of use and reliability helps our team and assists in keeping overheads down in the localization process which is very important.”


René Giretzlehner, Runtastic

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