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Why did they chose Lingohub?

We were just tired of the tedious back-and-forth workflows. All these emails! Launching our apps in more languages is so much quicker on Lingohub, it liberates our team enormously.

- Michael Hurnaus, CEO of Tractive

The Github integration was set up in minutes and the auto-sync is fantastic! We're finally no longer sending files around - our translation process has radically improved.

- Tomislav Mihajlović, CMO of Nordeus

We had our own solution, but honestly, Lingohub is easier to use than anything we have seen. The REST API especially lets us integrate it seamlessly into our workflow.

- Hermann Schachner, Software Engineer at Ikarus Security

Why bother with the traditional localization chaos...

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  • Bad workflows

    You're writing emails to explain UI text instead of working on your product. All this back-and-forth communication is slowing you down - and costs money.

  • Bad formats

    You're losing your mind over delivered Excel or Word attachments. Why do you have to go through merging those with your files, in each language, with each change?

  • Bad results

    Changed placeholders keep breaking your app and misspellings annoy its users. Your release keeps getting delayed for no good reason - what a frustrating experience.

Instead of sending text files back and forth or fixing formatting problems, you would much rather spend your valuable time actually developing your product, right? You have come to the right place!

...when you can enjoy lean translation management?

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localization workflows with Lingohub
  • Online translation editor
  • Easy collaboration
  • Quality checks
  • Team management
  • Github & Bitbucket sync
  • REST API support
  • Streamlined workflows

    All work happens on Lingohub, with optional API, Github or command line integrations. The online editor makes translation a breeze.

  • Compatibility and Integration

    No files being emailed around, and Lingohub handles all formatting. Simply import, export or synchronize, don't even touch a file.

  • Quality through context

    Get results faster and delivered without problems, contextual information and built-in checks drive up quality.

Continuous translation management with Lingohub eliminates unnecessary file-handling, unstructured communication and formatting problems. It's perfectly integrated, so translating your app becomes a smooth on-demand process. Easily roll out multilingual apps. Faster. With less work.

Which platforms & frameworks are supported on Lingohub?

These are only some of the platforms and framework we support...

Here is how Lingohub helps you roll out apps in many languages at little cost

No extra work dealing with formatting

With an online interface, translators don’t need to edit resource files. And neither do you.

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Projects are completed faster

A team of translators can work on your texts collaborating simultaneously, so you can launch faster.

No need to change your workflows

Lingohub integrates into your existing environments, there is little adaptation required and you can use existing tools.

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Contextual information thumb

Drive quality up and communication down

Plenty of contextual information increases the quality of the text and decreases the need to communicate and clarify things.

Complete overview of your project

You always know the current progress and get notified of changes and comments, get regular reports about progress.

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Enjoy a massive productivity boost

With all file handling out of the way, quickly deploy a multilingual app, export or sync the results.

What can Lingohub do for me?

Easily integrate Lingohub with your Github or Bitbucket repositories

Export correctly formatted resource files any time

Detect file types, locales and comments automatically on import

Access all localization functionality via REST API

Manage entire projects via command line interface (CLI) client

Localize iOS, Windows Phone or Android apps

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