Continuous Translation Management for Product Creators

Continuous Translation

LingoHub’s translation workflow integrates smoothly in your product development process. Text changes in files are automatically detected and existing translation marked in order to be reviewed again.

LingoHub bundles all your texts in one place and provides online translation tools and services for web, mobile and software projects.

Translation Memory

Build up your own Translation Memory system across all your translation projects. It learns automatically from every word you translate. Based on similarity three suggestions for your texts are made.


Machine Translation

Automated translation accelerates translations by providing a starting point. Translators work out high-quality translations from these initial phrases.

Versatile Search

Search for single words, phrases or segments across all your projects. Filter labels and sort text segments to slice and dice the path to that one translation you are looking for.

Style Guide and Quality Checks

Set up your own translation style guide and define quality checks to ensure consistent wording across all translation projects. LingoHub automatically checks your translations for predefined criteria, placeholders and produces error reports.


Extensive Term Base

Share key terms, their translations and definitions with your translation team via LingoHub’s Term Base. It’s your primary asset to increase text consistency and ensure accurate translations.


Intelligent Upload System

Upload files by drag and drop. Define import and export settings to specify how text changes are handled.
Technical details like encoding and escaping are taken care of by LingoHub.


Our API (Application Programmable Interface) empowers you to define your own workflow, integrate LingoHub in your development process and establish continuous translation.

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