Web localization benefits

Automate website localization. Get all website
localization benefits without a complicated localization process.

Automate the localization with the right translation
management system to have a perfect internationalized website.

CAT tools for improved quality

Lingohub provides a list of powerful tools to alleviate and speed up the translation. Machine translation, quality checks, style guides, the term base, etc., automate the localization process to make it smooth and reduce common issues (tone of voice, length/space quality, and more).

Repositories and applications integration

Auto-synchronize your project files to common-used tools like GitHub, Gitlab, Azure, Figma, and others. Save time with seamless integrations and forget about manual back-and-forth processes. Quickly prototype the design and eliminate monkey jobs to shorten the product release cycle.

Professional translations for 40+ languages

High-quality experts will help you to localize the website for more than 40 languages, including dialects. Lingohub provides transparent estimates for translators ordering based on customers' requirements. Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese - do not spend time hiring the perfect-fit person - contact Lingohub for support.

Always be in control

Get all the preliminary information in a single interface: notifications, latest orders, notes, and projects. Stay up to date about website localization.


Lingohub provides automatic backups as well as the ability to create configured ones. Ensure you never lose data and have a complete project duplicate available for restoration.

Customer feedback

We have been using Lingohub for around 5 years now and we are very happy with the product and service. It has helped us widen the appeal of our products while being an easy tool to integrate and work with.

Laurence Hambrook

Product Owner, Flightradar24

Laurence Hambrook
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