Does Lingohub provide a trial period? What is included?
Does Lingohub provide a free plan?
Can I switch the pricing plan?
I need more text segments. How can I increase the segment limit?
Are there any price differences between monthly and yearly payments?

Lingohub project

What can I localize with Lingohub?
How many languages can I add to the project?
How many words can I translate?
How many translators can I add to the project?
Is my project data safe?
Does Lingohub provide support for customers?

Integration and supported files

Which repositories and apps does Lingohub support?
I need something special. Can you provide the integration I need?
Which file formats does Lingohub support?
Does Lingohub support branching?

Translation ordering

Can you help with urgent translations?
How much does it cost to order a translation from Lingohub?
How many languages can you translate?
I am already using another TMS system. Can you help me with migration?

Team management

Does Lingohub provide any restriction features?
How can I manage the localization progress?
Maybe something more?


What payment methods do you accept?
How can I cancel my subscription?

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