Restaurants, clothes shops, software providers & others – there’s one thing that unifies us all

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No matter what your product is and in which parts of the world you are selling it, there’s one thought that unites businesses around the globe – ‘Someone has to want it’. Especially for us, a young company providing SaaS, knowing our customers is paramount. This is where Intercom enters the picture. The tool helps us to support our customers the …

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Forget Silicon Valley, Berlin & Co – startups sprout around the globe!

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When thinking of where to find the best tech startups one may tend to buy a plane ticket to Silicon Valley, discover Berlin’s startup scene or make a trip to London. At LingoHub we believe that amazing ideas are created around the world, not only at these hotspots. And that’s where Seedstars World enters the stage. ‘Building up a truly …

Dev Bit: How to reuse matched value of regex in JavaScript’s replace() function

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We all know the replace() function for JavaScript Strings and that it is possible to do really fancy things by using regular expressions to replace a (sub)string. What I didn’t know was that there are special $ references you can use in the replace() function. Of course there is $1, $2,.. to get the first, second finding, BUT did you …


Are invisible Language Borders threatening a unified Europe?

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We continue our journey through the world’s translation markets. Next stop: Europe! Over 740 million people are living in more than 50 countries on the subcontinent, speaking over 200 different languages. In 2012 comScore identified almost 55% smartphone penetration of all mobile phone users in the EU5 (including Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain and Italy). (1) Referring to GSMA Intelligence …


Ansible or Why Docker is not enough

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According to Wikipedia, an ansible is a fictional machine capable of instantaneous or superluminal communication. Typically it is depicted as a lunch-box-sized object with some combination of microphone, speaker, keyboard and display. It can send and receive messages to and from a corresponding device over any distance whatsoever with no delay. This would be quite a cool device but it is not the Ansible …

USA: An unexpected Treasure Chamber in the Translation Market

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A general saying indicates that people are “going online”. This term has changed nowadays as people tend to “be always online”. Smartphones and other portable devices allow us to stay “always online”. Furthermore, worldwide internet users own 3.6 devices on average.(1) Consequently, the trend of a steadily augmenting mobile internet penetration around the globe cannot be denied. While in 2012 …


Beyond Words and Rules: The Challenge of Translating Culture

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The following post is from Paul, an English teacher who lives in Argentina. Paul writes on behalf of Language Trainers, a language teaching service which offers foreign-language level tests as well as other free language-learning resources on their website.   On the surface, translation is about taking one text and reproducing it in a different language. But the translator’s job …

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Bootstrap Modal window with custom URL in AngularJS

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There is a problem many Angular developers may come across when using Twitter Bootstrap Modals (Overlays). First of all, if you are using Angular with Twitter Bootstrap’s Javascript I recommend using Angular.ui bootstrap  ⇾  less JS+HTML code  ⇾  less worries. What is the problem? – Open a modal at a certain state Normally when opening a Modal there is no URL change, …


How does your business cope with tricky translation?

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Information is power, regardless the industry and the market your company is active in. Therefore, it is essential for the information to be made accessible for all targeted audiences. And translating the information is vital in order to deliver the right message to your international audience, and raise awareness on your products across countries and continents. As a result, there …