What you get as an enterprise

Launch and support the localization projects faster. Integrate the Lingohub seamlessly into your workflow to automate localization processes and speed up the product's globalization.

User and permission management

Get complete members' control. Manage team roles and permissions, and provide individual permissions and accesses (for languages, backups, import, export, and more). Ensure security with Enterprise SSO and protect project data regardless of team size.

Sync your repositories and apps with Lingohub

No files - avoid back-and-forth processes. With our out-of-the-box integrations, you can synchronize the Lingohub project with common-used applications like GitHub, GitLab, Azure, Bitbucket, and more. Moreover, Lingohub provides a REST API that empowers you to define your workflow and integrate Lingohub into your development process.

API and audit logs

Monitor the critical activities throughout the projects. You can review all actions performed by organization members, as well as all API requests. The audit log keeps data for five years to give customers complete information about all projects.

Premium plus support

Lingohub provides powering customer support for enterprises. Focus on business while Lingohub takes care of localization. The account managers support the process organization, and you can get chat, phone, and video call support as soon as you need it.

Access to all CAT features

Get the complete list of robust features for the translators' team: machine translation for perfect pre-translation, quality checks to avoid common mistakes, translation memory, style guides, term bases, translation history, and context images. Speed up the localization process to open new markets, staying on top.

Two-factor authentication

Protect access to the project as much as possible. The two-factor authentication doesn't just require a password to access the account, so the security of your projects and the data stored is greatly enhanced. Rest assured, only approved users will have access to projects.

Enterprise SSO

Enterprise single sign-on (SSO) allows authenticating to Lingohub through the company's existing credential provider with one of the protocols Open ID Connect, SAML, LDAP, SCIM, etc. Users can access multiple tools with the same credentials using a more robust authentication method than just a username and password. Enterprise SSO simplifies and secures the authentication process since the user only needs to log in once, using one login credential.

Professional translation

Anytime order a translation for your projects. Lingohub provides professional translation services for more than 40 languages. Experts support common languages such as French, Portugees, Spanish, and Chinese, as well as more rare - Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam (India), Sinhala (most common in Sri Lanka), and others. The process is straightforward. All you need is to select the project, target language(s), and choose a style guide. With Lingohub, you can forget about the long-term process of finding perfect-fit translators.

Automate more, deliver faster,
and continuously improve

Top organizations know that transformation also depends on technology, talent, culture, and process.

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