Translation management is a group of features that enable create, control, and maintain all translation activities, including transactions, text editing, and contracts. Simplify the management of any size team and get transparency over all processes.


Lingohub Translation Team Management features

Fair price calculation

Pay only for the work done. In creating a contract, you can set up four rates based on the translator's effort (base, low, middle, and high). The rates are calculated based on the content changes. Every change in the text segment will result in a new price calculation. For example, if machine translation perfectly translates a segment and there are no changes from the translator side, only the base rate per word will be charged.

Create and manage contracts

Create contracts for team members in one click. Inside the contract information, you will have the translators' rate and the project accesses. You can set up the defined rates for specific language pairs, deactivate contacts anytime, and keep information in a single place.

Create transactions

Based on existing contracts, customers can create a transaction. The filtering options allow choosing the specific projects and labels or paying for all. As well you can create a single transaction for all languages or choose the concrete.

Fully transparency of texts edits

The system collects all edits in the projects, including, who, when, and what did. You can check the statuses of the segment's source and target languages, transactions if exist, and export all data.

Get the benefits of Translation Team Management with Lingohub

All payment information in a one system
Create transactions just inside the system
Transparency of all editing in project
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