Document localization

Don't get lost in translation. Tailor documents and files to suit your target market's language, culture, and other requirements.

Lingohub supports a vast pool of file formats: Docx, IDML, XML, CSV, Markdown, and many more. Be close to the local audience while Lingohub will do the rest.

Professional translators

Translate and localize documents for more than 40 different languages. Lingohub provides high-quality experts and transparent price formation to improve your project. For example, it doesn't matter if you need the documents in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, or Indian dialects; you will get a high-quality translation extremely fast.

Import & upload files

Lingohub supports dozens of resource file formats. Easily upload or drag and drop your files to the Lingohub project and start translating in minutes. You can also synchronize your projects with repositories to push the changes directly to the GIT branches or create a pull request.

Computer-assisted translation

There is no need to translate all the documents manually. Machine translation combined with translation memory, quality checks, style guide, and other pre-translates features ensures the entire process's speed up.

Labels and statuses

Control the entire project's progress. Assign color labels with names to text segments and filter segments straightforwardly. The statuses (draft, approved, and other) allow a better achieving and organized workflow for your translations.

Customer feedback

We were searching for a tool that would enable us to efficiently organize and oversee the translation process of our PlanRadar web app platform and mobile app. The main challenge we faced was the sheer number of languages we needed to manage, which currently exceeds 20, including complex languages like Arabic and Georgian.

Michal Adamski

Technical Product Marketing Manager, PlanRadar

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