Simple game localization

Lingohub provides a technical solution to manage the constant localization of your games.

The platform included powerful CAT features for translators like translation memory, term bases, quality checks, and full-fledged team management features.

Automatically provide screenshots

Make game localization faster and more effectively. Lingohub SDK provides automated screenshots uploading and matches them with the corresponding strings. As well, users can upload images manually. With the context images, translators get a complete overview of the project, understand the location of a particular text, and as a consequence, provide a better result.

Robust CAT tools

Glossary, style guides, machine translation, and more allow your project to ensure that the game's translation is consistent across all locales. In addition, these features dramatically speed up the localization process because translators can always refer to it and get needed information on their own. 

Emoji support

Emoji are an essential linguistic tool that complements language. They are part of communication between two parties, as they enhance the emotionality of a text or message. Certain emojis have conflicting meanings in different regions, so you must include them in your localization process. Lingohub supports the use of emojis in texts to make your product perfect.

Integrate your tools

Sync all game files with Lingohub to support continuous localization. Connect to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure, Figma, and other tools. Lingohub supports localization from prototyping to release and support stages.

iOS and Android SDK with OTA

In the case of mobile applications, you have no need to release a new version to the Google Play Store or App Store. The mobile SDK from Lingohub supports Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, allowing you to publish translation updates to iOS and Android apps effortlessly. 

Professional translators

Don't have a team of translators? Lingohub gives you access to professional translators for 40+ languages. Lingohub's experts provide high-quality results to bring your project to the top.

Communicate with the team in a single place

Make your team united in the working process — no need to swipe between different applications to discuss the work questions about localization.

Mention users and projects, attach files, and localize in one place. With Slack and email integration, your members wouldn't miss important notifications even logged out of the application.

Customer feedback

Having a platform for translation, which is always up-to-date, helps us to reach new markets and enhance our software with additional languages.

Andreas Simader

Co-Founder, INSITE IT GmbH

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