What is translation history?

The Lingohub's translation history is the storage with all projects' translations and their versions.

Besides text segments, the feature keeps status updates and all information about user activities. With translation history, you can roll back the previous version of the translations anytime in case of any issues in the current version.

Keep, view, and never lose translations you have ever made.


Lingohub Translation History features

Get the full translation history

Check the translation history of any text segment in the side panel of the translation editor. Lingohub stores all your segments' translations. Anytime you can access the previous versions, compare them with the actual ones. Share the earlier versions with your teams to create design/marketing testing.

Made a mistake? Roll-back your changes

Restore the previous activities directly from the translation history. Choose the better version for your project, identify any problematic activities and resolve them. The complete overview enables you to see who, when and what did.

Who approved a text?

See all changes to your text segment statuses, including who approved them. Translation history allows you to control all edits through the content.

Get the benefits of Translation History with Lingohub

Control each segment's translation
Manage statuses for all translations
Restore the previous segments' versions
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