Features for Managers

Quality checks to keep the texts clear

Rest assured that all your texts fit the required criteria. Get notifications about each error and react in time.

Translation history for texts versions controlling

Get access to all text segment changes inside the project. Roll back, control, and overview all editing activities.

Professional translation for getting reliable translators

Get high-quality translation services inside Lingohub. Order translation for 40+ languages and dialects in a few clicks.

Translation management to get a complete overview of the project

Control, and maintain all translation activities, including financials. Manage your project with Lingohub in a single interface.

Features for developers

Focus on tech goals and release multilingual products without manual work.

Features for Translators

Translation memory for localization speed upping

Save your time without translating repeated texts every time. Translate once and use it for the entire project.

Machine translation to fast pre-translate

Use robust engines for fast prefill and time-saving. Never start localization from scratch.

Style guides to keep all your text in a single tone of voice

Establish standards, and rest assured your product and team communicate with the audience in a united tone.

Term base for all texts consistency

Store critical terms, add descriptions and context images to provide the entire overview for translators.

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