More transparent, efficient & involved localization

Made by developers for digital teams, Lingohub makes localization transparent, comfortable, and speedy.

Bring your entire team together in one place. Quickly prioritize and assign roles. Reduce manual time-wasting tasks for designers, developers, managers, and translators.

Communicate with the team in a single place

Make your team united in the working process — no need to swipe between different applications to discuss the work questions about localization.

Mention users and projects, attach files, and localize in one place. With Slack and email integration, your members wouldn't miss important notifications even logged out of the application.

Manage permissions

Manage accesses and roles. Provide individual permissions to the projects, backups, import, export, etc. Ensure security and protect sensitive data.

Integrated tools

Keeps everything up to date and synchronizes projects with apps you use (GitHub, Gitlab, Azure, Figma, and more). Save time and get rid of sending files back and forth.


Create as many labels as needed. Assign color labels with names to text segments and let your team filter and categorize segments more straightforwardly.

Customer feedback

Since Tractive offers its product and services to customers worldwide, we needed a tool that could support a wide range of languages to cater to our diverse client base and international operations. Also, we wanted to have a user-friendly tool that can "grow with us" and our needs.

Martina Fischer

Communications Lead, Tractive GmbH

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