What is a term base?

A Term base or glossary is one of the most critical resources for terminology management. Typically, translation teams share a standard list of technical, business/product-related, and industry-specific words.

The Lingohub term base allows you to create your own glossary for each project. Use the term base for all departments relative to customer communication (marketers, sales, translators, writers, etc.) and be sure that all of your company "speak" in one language.


Lingohub Term Base features

Manual and automated adding entries

Add new entries like terms, approved translations, descriptions, definitions, clarifications, etc., to your glossary within a few simple steps manually. In case you already have existing term bases, Lingohub supports bulk CSV import. The meta information is compatible with the industry standard TBX.

Power up suggestions

Once you set up the term base, its entries will be included in translation suggestions in the editor-side panel. Combined with machine translation, quality check, and translation memory, term base provides clear pre-translation and saves time.

Flexible term base management

The term base management is simple and intuitive. Simplify the translating process with the accurate entries descriptions and the context information like grammatical number, gender, type, and more.

Additionally, set up terms matching (fuzzy, prefix, exact, custom). The matching is responsible for how the system will recognize the terms - in an exact match or based on the given parameters.

Get the benefits of Term Base
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Clear and consistent translation
Manage non-translatable terms
Simple integration of new team members
Unified language for all customer-related employee

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Professional translation
Expert quality translation services for more than 40 languages.
Machine translation
Four powerful engines cover more than a hundred languages.
Translation team management
Fully transparent management of the translators' team.
Translation memory
Automatically store all text segments and translate projects faster.
Style guide
Maintain the consistency of the translations within all the projects.
Translation history
Keep all projects' localization history in one place.
Quality checks
Reduce the number of errors and quality issues.
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