What you get as a manager

Perfect coordination and easy management with a uniform tool. Oversee any size projects without hassles. Scale the team, products, and open new markets, staying on top

Comprehensive data overview

The dashboard is an entry feature for translation management to track progress and keep an eye on all activities. The dashboard lists all your project with convenience filters to give you all information about team activities.

Translation orders

In case you need translators for specific languages or tasks, Lingohub supports you. Directly order the translation for more than 40 languages with transparent pricing counting. All cost reports and information will save inside the organization account, so you will never lose the data.

Developers and designers' tools

Provide developers and designers with automated tools, such as the API, mobile SDKs, and integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Figma, and other services to reduce their manual involvement and save additional costs under the localization process.

Create a project glossary

Build the team's glossary and ensure terminology translation quality. Rest assured that all projects' source texts, approved translations, and terms' descriptions are in one place. Save time on onboarding new translators by preparing a list of recommended translations.

Manage your team

With the members' feature, Lingohub allows fine-grained control over permissions, and with roles, you can easily manage the any-size team. Provide individual permissions and accesses (for languages, backups, import, export, and more). Ensure security and protect project data.

Communicate directly with a team

Join forces with the group working inside Lingohub. Create different threads in the discussions for various users and projects. Add code, attach files, and quickly solve problems.

Data protection

Create individual backups or configure your project's automatic backups. Data backups ensure that regardless of data loss, you always have a complete duplicate of your project available for restoration.

Integrate Lingohub with other tools

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