What you get as a translator

Deliver strong results permanently. Translate, review and update your work in one platform. Be sure of the actuality of file versions, text rules, and terms with Lingohub.

Transactions and contracts

All financial documentations are in a single place. Contracts (active/inactive) and transactions are accessible inside the user profile. No need to create documents and send them to the customer - the system provides automatic generation in a few clicks.

Auto activity tracking

Get away from manual activity control. Translators no longer need to create reports and track the time. Lingohub counts all activities on one's own and uses this information to provide transparent pricing.

Machine translation

Highly accurate machine translations via powerful engines. Lingohub takes the best from DeepL, Amazon Translate, and Google Translate to make your business speak more than one hundred languages. Ensure that your translation is up to par in no time.

Translation memory

Lingohub's translation memory memorizes all your previous translations, saves them, and learns in real-time. Each word you translate across all your projects will add to your base. Skip the re-translate step for recurring text segments.

Create a project glossary

Be sure of terms, definitions, and proper names. Each project has specific terminology. Lingohub supports the glossary that helps avoid potential mistakes and raises transparency for all team members.


You do not need to start with a blank canvas again. The prefill feature accelerates the process by using text segments from your memory/machine translation.

Keep the project in a single style

The Lingohub style guide are standards established for translators to follow. Be sure your translations perfectly match the business audience, vocabulary type, formality, grammatical person, and more. Speak the language of business, hit the customers' expectations, and provide perfect translation services.

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