For small teams getting
started with localization

Pay yearly and save
includes 10k hosted text segments*

All features included

Up to 5 users

Access to plugins

50k characters Machine Translation included


Ambitious teams
going global

Pay yearly and save
includes 50k hosted text segments*

All features included

Up to 20 users

Access to plugins

100k characters Machine Translation included


Advanced localization
tools for larger teams

Pay yearly and save
includes 100k hosted text segments*

All features included

HOT! Unlimited users

Access to plugins

1Mio characters Machine Translation included

Invoice billing (yearly)


For companies with
custom requirements

You can pay yearly only
includes 1 Mio hosted text segments (custom limit possible)

All features included

HOT! Unlimited users

All integration plugins

Custom requirements (Enterprise SSO, SLA, etc.)

10Mio characters Machine Translation included

Onboarding setup (webinars, migration help)

*You can buy additional text segments.

What’s included?
Absolutely everything

Unlimited projects


Translation memory

Term base/Glossary

30+ file formats

Machine translation

Top-notch text editor

Quality checks

Wait! Are you using already a different TMS provider?
We have something special for you!

We understand that migrating between tools can be a hassle and generate costs. This is why we offer the amazing Lingohub migration satisfaction guarantee:

Cost saving

We will deduct invoices from your previous TMS for the last 12 months against the costs on Lingohub for the first 12 months.

Yes, that means you can experience Lingohub up to 12 months for free!

Full-scale support

We will guide you along your migration and help you transfer your projects.

Yes, that means you can talk directly
to our developers and create the best plan
to migrate your projects.


Meet the features

Text management
Pre-translate with AI
Lingohub uses the most advanced AI machine translation engines. Pre-translate your texts through DeepL, Google Translate, and AWS. Our system automatically improves the results based on your settings and preferences to ensure the best quality.
Included hosted segments
A hosted text segment is associated with a key group of text that you store on Lingohub. If you have one key translated into 5 languages, it will count as the 5 text segments.
Editor Table & Focus view
Two interfaces for working with text segments: the Table view for general overviews and bulk actions and Focus for distraction-free translation.
Your text changes are automatically saved in the system for 90 days so that you can roll back previous versions and control text evolution anytime.
Text processing
Choose the one-time option or create a schedule, and the system will identify segments based on your filter and execute/process the workflows.
Design a workflow that combines steps to facilitate efficient text processing. The workflow can include checking segments with quality checks, setting up the status, removing spaces, etc.
Сategorize segments based on your requirements. Create as many labels as you need, edit, and manage them.
Style guides
Unify the company voice and maintain style consistency. The information from style guides is considered during machine translation and the translation orders.
Translation memory
Re-use the already translated text and never do the same translation twice. Set up the translation memory and store the chosen translations in the system for future implementation.
Term base/Glossary
Create term bases with all business-related terms to provide your team with powered-up suggestions and additional context information.
Bring your team together and communicate with the Lingohub. Discuss texts and translations, deadlines, bottlenecks, and other project-related topics, attach files, and mention people or parts of the project.
Work with your GIT branches separately, push translated files in the selected branch directly, and keep the code clean.
Get notices about what's happening inside the project. Manage notifications to pay attention only to the important things.
Project Groups
Enhance your project management by utilizing the group feature to cluster projects according to your specific needs. You can create unlimited groups for the different project categories.
Paid plugins
Context images
Provide more information for your translators with screenshots of your design, website, or application (1000 context images are included from the start).
Extra text segments
Your pricing plan determines the number of text segments available for your team. If you need extra segments, you can buy them via this plugin.
Extra Machine Translation characters
Buy extra machine translation (MT) characters and translate your projects faster with the support of modern and powerful engines - DeepL, Google Translate, and Amazon Translate.
Text edits
The text edits report provides a comprehensive overview of all the changes made to a project — track changes made by each user per project and language.
Cost reports through Transactions/Contracts
Automatically calculate the fees associated with your translators' work. Streamline your financial management processes and avoid manual calculating.
Order translations in over 30 languages
Need additional translators for your project? Order translations with Lingohub. Our experts support more than 30 languages, including popular dialects.
Order proofreading in over 20 languages
Order professional proofreading for your content to avoid potential issues and get high-quality final results.
Add external agencies and freelancers
Strengthen your team with the involvement of external agencies or freelancers. Consolidate all your localization efforts into a single interface.
Interchangeable format export to XLIFF and CSV
Export any of your projects in wide-supported XLIFF and CSV file formats to easily exchange the data with other applications, tools, external agencies, and freelancers.
Exchange translation files between GitHub and Lingohub and leverage the power of seamless synchronization. Push changes, create pull requests, and work with branches to optimize the localization process.
Connect GitLab to your Lingohub organization and synchronize the resource files. Manage your translation process, and rest assured the project's files are always up-to-date with our out-of-the-box integration.
Integrate your Bitbucket repository with a Lingohub to keep your software up-to-date. Automate import/export, push and pull changes, create pull requests, and ensure all content updates are synced perfectly.
AWS CodeCommit
Synchronize your translation resource files between AWS CodeCommit and Lingohub to manage your localization with our out-of-the-box integration. Avoid manual tasks and integrate localization in your CI/CD process.
40+ language files & frameworks support
Translate any software with the support of various technologies, like Android, iOS, Java, PHP, and many more.
Paid plugins
The Lingohub Figma plugin enables the automatic content exchange to rapidly translate Figma prototypes, push translated content back to the design, and generate context images for the text segments.
Fast translate your Zendesk Help Center to support customers worldwide in their native language. You can specify the content groups that should be synchronized with Lingohub.
Speed up the story translations by automating the content exchange between Lingohub and Storyblok.
Automate file transfers between Microsoft Azure DevOps and Lingohub and streamline the localization process.
Smooth integration between Lingohub and Contentful CMS provides the optimized localization of the content, its fast exchange between applications, and speeds up the entire localization.
Support your customers in their native language by synchronizing your Intercom Help Center with Lingohub.
Safety, Security and Logs
Access control
Get 100% control - provide special permissions with detailed settings for specific projects or API keys.
Login sessions
Overview all the information about sessions in your account (location, device, OS, etc.) to control the security and prevent fraud.
Two Factor Authentication
Protect the account by adding the additional verification step.
Organization wide Two Factor Authentication
It is possible to force two-factor authentication (2FA) across your entire organization to improve security.
Encrypted database
All the project data is encrypted to provide high-level security and save your information from unauthorized access.
Set up the backup rules to keep copies of your data to prevent them from being lost.
GDPR compliance
We care about your security. Lingohub meets the GDPR requirements for handling personal data as defined in the EU law.
Custom permissions/Role-based permissions
Assign permissions to the Organization members based on your needs. You can assign existing roles or create custom permissions rules.
Custom roles
You can create user roles based on your needs and business requirements. Create as much as you need, reuse, and manage them.
Social authentication
Sign in to Lingohub securely using your Google, GitLab, GitHub, etc. accounts.
Audit logs
Control the actions of organization members and track who performed them and when.
Paid plugins
Enterprise SSO
Allow your team to authenticate to Lingohub projects through the company's existing credential provider. Lingohub supports standard protocols such as Open ID Connect, SAML, LDAP, SCIM, etc.
Audit log API access
Get access to your Audit log via API. Please contact [email protected] for additional information.
SLA of 99,5% uptime guarantee
We guarantee the Lingohub availability for at least 99.5% of the time and ensure that users can access the service without interruption.
SLA of 99,9% uptime guarantee
Available for Enterprise plan only. Please talk to the Lingohub sales team at [email protected] to get more information.
Technology & Development
Build your integrations between Lingohub and the services you need with our REST API. Lingohub provides 10000 requests/day.
API logs
Gain valuable insights into your API activities with Lingohub's detailed list of API logs. Monitor and optimize your API usage.
Mobile SDK
Update your iOS and Android applications in the application stores. Our Mobile SDK supports OTA (Over-the-Air) to simplify the process.
Lingohub provides a set of text commands that allow users to interact with our platform.
Paid plugins
API logs API access
Get access to your API logs via API. Please contact [email protected] for additional information.
Over The Air updates
Publish translation updates to iOS/Android apps without releasing a new version to the App Store or Google Play.
starts at
Support & Help
Help Center
Visit our Help Center for clear instructions on navigating the Lingohub application and making the most of our features.
Standard support
Our standard support channel is via email, with an average response time of 1-2 days.
Enterprise support
Our Enterprise plan includes dedicated account managers and support via chat, phone, and video call.
Invoice Billing
Available only for Business and Enterprise pricing plans.

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