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Content delivery

Due to Lingohub’s mobile SDK Over-The-Air (OTA) solution, you have no need to release a new version for your mobile application to the App Store or Google Play Store. Save time without going through the release and review processes at marketplaces. Adopt your applications for different languages, cultures, regions, and markets faster with Lingohub.

Simple repository integration

Lingohub offers an out-of-the-box connection to GitHub, and a premium experience for integrating GitLab, BitBucket, Azure, and more. With smooth integration of your resource files, you will reduce hours of manual work, and can push your changes directly to the GIT repository or create a pull request. The ability to set up patterns allows working with different branches and stay your master code clear.

Wide pool of frameworks and files formats

Whether your choice is JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Python, or another language, Lingohub already provides it. We offer support for more than 50 frameworks and 30 different file formats to get peak flexibility for customers. Are you looking for a custom format? Contact us to get more information.


Lingohub supports HTTP as well as Token authentication. Our API allows easy integration of the Lingohub into your development processes or quickly checking the projects' status without logging in. Select the suitable option, effortlessly manage and switch it in your account, and establish the solution that suits your needs.

Pluralization support

Pluralization is much easier with Lingohub. Application supports native pluralization with massive data for many languages - including plural forms and rules. All you need to do is create the fixed part of the message and include the variable element {placeholder}. Lingohub application automatically detects if a text is a plural segment and highlights that directly in the editor based on your framework. 

Branching support

Connect Lingohub to your repositories and synchronize the GIT branches to work separately with them. Keep the project's data clean, push translated files in the selected branch directly and be confident that all technical data like placeholders and tags are accurate.

Export for iOS & Android

Speed up your multi-mobile development with Lingohub. With our product, you can localize your mobile software one-time for Android as well as for iOS. Simply export the translated resource file in the appropriate format and share text between Android and iOS.

Managing locales

Lingohub supports locales that will help you to localize your content for different regions. The feature helps developers with encoding files, language identification, text processing, and more.

Integrate Lingohub with other tools

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