Simple localization of your web applications

Localize, while Lingohub takes care of processes' convenience, integrations, and powerful features.

Whether you use ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS, and other technologies for SPA (Single Page Application) development, or you use Server Side Rendering like Laravel, Rails, or ASP.Net, Lingohub covers your localization needs.

Integrate your tools

Lingohub allows integration with the list of popular platforms and applications: GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Figma, and others.

With automatic synchronization no one translation is left behind. Lingohub allows you to push your changes directly to the GIT repository or create a pull request.

You define which branches and files Lingohub should have an eye on.

Automatically provide screenshots

Attach the visual information that will help your translators understand the context better. Combine the efforts of the design and translators team to have the best-localized web application.

CAT tools for improved quality

Lingohub provides a list of powerful tools to alleviate and speed up the translation. Machine translation, quality checks, style guides, the term base, etc., automate the localization process to make it smooth and reduce common issues (tone of voice, length/space quality, and more).

Comprehensive data overview

Control all the essential information in a single interface. The dashboard provides important notifications and data about the latest orders and current projects.

Additionally, Lingohub allows you to control all the edits inside your projects and track the segments' lifecycles with the list of statuses for target and source texts. 

Communicate with the team in a single place

Make your team united in the working process — no need to swipe between different applications to discuss the work questions about localization.

Mention users and projects, attach files, and localize in one place. With Slack and email integration, your members wouldn't miss important notifications even logged out of the application.

Customer feedback

We were searching for a tool that would enable us to efficiently organize and oversee the translation process of our PlanRadar web app platform and mobile app. The main challenge we faced was the sheer number of languages we needed to manage, which currently exceeds 20, including complex languages like Arabic and Georgian.

Michal Adamski

Technical Product Marketing Manager, PlanRadar

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