The evolution of LSP (language sevice providers)

Language service providers are organizations that offer a wide range of language services. Our team overviewed the origins of this industry, the stages it has traversed, and what the future holds.

The role of localization engineer in the globalization process

Read this article for a comprehensive overview of the localization engineer role and how this person can support the localization process.

multidomestic strategy

Read in our blog about multidomestic strategy and how this approach can help businesses achieve success.

What is back translation

Learn more about back translation and how it works! Head over to our blog to get more information about this method.

SaaS localization best practices and challenges

SaaS localization is a complex task with a lot of corner stone. Read inside our blog how to solve the SaaS localization challenges.

How to balance the Global Standardization strategy

Read in our blog about Global Standardization strategy and how to implement it in your business.

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