Localizing your apps, games, or websites is an exciting, yet often lengthy task. Here at Lingohub, we aim to make your localization and translation journey more effective and more fun.

With the following updates, we aim to make your life a bit easier:

  • New GitHub integration + repo integration updates
  • An all-new mobile SDK supporting Over-the-air updates
  • A better experience to manage your Lingohub members & their permissions
  • Updates for your style guides
  • All the small & not so small bug fixes :)

Feel free to jump to each product update directly. We’re super excited to show you all the improvements and updates our team has been working on over this summer.

Please give it a read, sign up for a Lingohub account to experience them first hand, or log in to your existing account.

We’re stoked to get your feedback. ✌️

1. A new GitHub integration & many improvements for streamlining your code pipeline

A new repository UI & wizard

At Lingohub, supporting developers to make software localization a hassle-free experience is at our hearts. With the new repository wizard, we aim to make your life easier and set up new repository integrations faster.

Repo overview

Supporting GitHub Apps

By connecting Lingohub to your GitHub repositories, you can directly exchange files between Lingohub & GitHub, making sure your translations are up-to-date and accurate.

With the all-new GitHub app from Lingohub, we give you and your team more options and a better experience in connecting your GitHub repos to Lingohub.

To synchronize a GitHub repository with the Lingohub service, you need to install the Lingohub App. You can install it right here.

Lingohub GitHub connection

Are you an existing customer?

No worries. Nothing will change in regards to your existing GitHub integration. However, we do recommend switching to our new GitHub app as it gives you more freedom, flexibility, and safety for your files.

If you create a new Lingohub project today, connecting to your repos via our GitHub app will be the default configuration.

Connecting GitHub & Lingohub

All the improvements coming to your repo integrations

Besides our all-new GitHub app, the following improvements are coming to your account as well:

  • New file matcher: We’ve updated the file matcher, making it simpler to choose the files that should be synchronized with your Lingohub project.
  • Greater synchronization options: With these updates, you get the following sync options
    • Manual pull: You can always pull changes manually
    • On commit: Lingohub is synchronized as soon as a new commit happens
    • On Schedule: In addition, you can set up cron jobs to synchronize your repo and your Lingohub project based on your custom needs
  • New integration settings: We’ve also added new settings for your repo integration to - for example - automatically delete a file in Lingohub when it has been removed in your repository.

We are excited to release all those great repository updates to your Lingohub account. If you have any feedback or questions on setting up your Lingohub project, please feel free to contact us right here.

P.S. Lingohub support for self-hosted repositories for GitLab, GitHub, and BitBucket along Azure DevOps support is coming soon. Please let us know if you’d like to be among the first testers.

2. All-new mobile SDK for iOS & Android, supporting Over-the-air updates

After our initial private beta, we are stoked and proud to announce our all-new mobile SDK coming to Lingohub in public beta to all Lingohub users.

Our mobile SDK is available for everyone with a Lingohub account and can be utilized to localize mobile apps (iOS and Android).

mobile SDK software localization

The mobile SDK now supports Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, allowing you to publish translation updates to your iOS and Android apps quickly without going through the review and release process of the iOS App Store or Google’s Play Store.

To learn more about our new mobile SDKs, please visit the following resources right here:

All in all, we are excited to see the mobile SDK in a public beta. Rest assured, further updates are coming soon, including a new translation editor & our Snap SDK with automated screenshots. Instead of manually uploading screenshots, the Snap SDK automatically uploads them for you and matches them with the corresponding strings.

3. Members & permissions reinvented

Managing different team roles and freelancers in one team and one project can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Who does what? Who’s managing your organization, your projects and languages? Who should only get access to certain project settings? Which translator is responsible for which language?

With our reinvented members & permissions, we give you more flexibility to manage your team. No matter how small or large it really is. With new standard roles and custom permissions, we give you more control over managing your team.

Members Permissions

Because, in the end, it’s all about giving you the flexibility to set up your team inside Lingohub in the best way possible.

With the updated interface and new permissions:

  • admins can change billing information
  • project admins can manage, add or remove members
  • translators can now download/upload/pull/push files

These are just some examples that will make you and your team’s roles a bit clearer.

To learn more about members and roles, visit our help page right here. Alternatively, you can directly check out your new members' page right in your Lingohub member settings.

4. Style Guides for you and your translators

The Lingohub Style Guides are a set of standards established for your translators to follow while translating text. Style Guides come in handy in various situations as they promote and ensure all your translations' consistency.

At Lingohub, we highly encourage you to use Style Guides when working with internal or external translators. It helps you set expectations and gives new translators a faster onboarding to your text.

When hiring translators through Lingohub, Style Guides give external translators an easy time understanding your translation needs. We also highly recommend using them as they save you and your translators a lot of misunderstandings.

Please note that Style Guides will soon be required for ordering translations through Lingohub. To learn more on how to create and manage your Style Guides, please visit this page right here.

5. A more powerful resource dialog & many more bug fixes

Last but not least, this update includes a lot of small improvements and bug fixes that make your Lingohub experience better. We believe that those small things add up and create a seamless and more enjoyable translation experience.

Here is a list of improvements and bug fixes included in our update:

  • Resource Dialog: Our updated resource dialog for exporting your resource files gives you a full export history of your exports
  • We fixed the translation orders without Style Guides
  • "&nbsp" are now correctly detected in new Editor
  • "&nbsp" are now handled in Twine files
  • We fixed an Android placeholder bug with double percentage signs
  • We updated the Zendesk integrations and fixed a bug for different attachment types

That's a wrap

With all those mentioned updates, our team is continually aiming to make your Lingohub experience better. Thanks to your feedback and constant input, we make Lingohub a better place for localizing software.

And best of all. All those updates are available today in your Lingohub account. No matter if you're a long-term customer or just signed up for a free trial account.

Go ahead and log in to your account here. Are you not using Lingohub yet? Try it out; it's entirely free for 14 days.

P.S. Please let us know what you think about those new updates. Either via email [email protected] or tweet us at @lingohub. Thank you.

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