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Manage your app localization with LingoHub

LingoHub supports frequent updates and stores all your translations in one place.

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Mobile SDK for Android & iOS Apps

With LingoHub, you can manage all your translations in one place.
Our mobile SDK for Android & iOS apps allows you to store, manage, and translate all your app content. Never worry about your mobile app translations again.

OTA Translation Updates

The mobile SDK from LingoHub supports Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, allowing you to publish translation updates to iOS and Android apps effortlessly. No need to release a new version to the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Manage multiple versions in one place

Are you running multiple apps on multiple mobile platforms?
LingoHub helps you to manage your translations more efficiently. LingoHub lets you know, for example, when new text needs translations.

Automated screenshots

Automated screenshots make everyone’s life easier. Instead of manually uploading screenshots to your translation project, the LingoHub SDK automatically uploads app screenshots and matches them with the corresponding strings.

As a translator, screenshots give you context that results in better translations.

Automated screenshots mobile app localization

Tools for your mobile app localization

  • Repository integrations

    Sync your translation projects with the most common repositories - GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure.

  • Mobile SDK with OTA

    Publish translations to iOS & Android Apps instantly.

  • Packages

    Create a snapshot of your translations to manage versioning and backups of your app translations

  • Project Dashboard

    Manage your web app translations from the LingoHub dashboard.

  • Public REST API

    Our API empowers you to define your own workflow, and integrate LingoHub in your development process.

  • Convert between iOS/Android

    LingoHub streamlines multi mobile app development. Translate once, export for iOS and Android.

  • Order 40+ translations

    Don’t have a team of translators? LingoHub gives you access to professional translators for 40+ languages.

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LingoHub helps developer focus on their main work and eliminates the hassle of software translations.

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Manage all your different languages and product versions, collaborate with your team, and speed up the translation process.


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