Github-flavored markdown in Lingohub

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There are several aspects of LingoHub where text input needs to be formatted. Your localization project supports two such aspects. One is the project description, the other are comments to translations. Both can contain formatted text. In addition to that, our support center also allows it, so you can style messages to our team as well.

We have previously offered Kramdown to take care of markdown, a Ruby pure markdown parser. In order to offer a more Github-flavored markdown (GFM) and to provide better escaping for safety, we have now rolled out an update.

We opted for pegdown, which is a pure-Java markdown processor based on a parboiled PEG parser, that supports a number of extensions (see This one is fully markdown compatible, offers simple formatting, linking and wiki syntax, as well as mentioning other team mates (coming soon in LingoHub's comments).

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