Runtastic started its journey with Lingohub in 2015, and its main goal was to improve the quality and speed of the localization process. As they have never used the TMS before, Runtastic looked from the start for tools that would help to keep translating on a high level and support the scaling options in the future.

One of the essential things that also induced the use of a TMS was manual file exporting and importing, which decelerated the speed of the process. By coming to Lingohub, Runtastic is expected to organize localization and spend less time supporting, extending, and updating.


Rocket.Chat has used the Lingohub for more than three years. The main requirements for translation management software (TMS) were establishing consistency for users through various regions and coordinating the volunteers' contributions. For big companies with a lot of volunteers, like Rocket.Chat is significant to have the one system that can coordinate localization workflow and scale the abilities based on the company's growth,


Before using Lingohub, portatour® evaluated different online and desktop translation management systems, which, as a result, didn’t cover all business needs. Their goal was to find a united system where all the translators’ files would be kept - no more SVN/Git checkouts on the PCs of translators or emails with translation job contents.

Also, portatour® looked for a system that can store different types of content (help center, website, app..., etc.) and provide high usability for translators, including CAT tools like machine translation, translation memory, etc.

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