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You don't have a translator for a specific language within your team? Order translations in more than 40 languages.

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Translation Orders

Order translations in 40+ languages

LingoHub's Translation Orders help you get your text translated or reviewed by professionals in case you don't have a translator for a specific language within your team.

With LingoHub, you can order translations in more than 40 languages. You get notified as soon as your translations are ready.

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Translation Order Features

  • Professional Translators

    LingoHub gives you easy access to professional translators for 40+ different languages.

  • Order new translations

    Ordering a new translation is super simple. Simply select the languages you want to translate and place an order.

  • Managing Translation Orders

    LingoHub gives you a transparent overview of all your translation orders and its status.

  • Translation Order Outcome

    Once your text is translated, the statuses will change to translated or approved, directly inside your LingoHub project.

  • Order Billing & Invoicing

    Your order's invoice will be available in your payments section of your order.

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LingoHub helps developer focus on their main work and eliminates the hassle of software translations.

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Manage all your different languages and product versions, collaborate with your team, and speed up the translation process.


Translating software with LingoHub is easy and fast.

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