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Improve your translation quality by automatically memorizing and storing previous translations.

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Translation Memory

What is a Translation Memory?

A Translation Memory (TM) functions as a database filled with previous translations which then uses the existing data to search, analyze and match according source and target text segments. A Translation Memory learns what was once translated and eliminates the need for the actual process of re-translation.

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Self-Learning Translation Memory

Our Translation Memory system learns from each word you translate across all your projects. This data is automatically added to your personal Translation Memory and next time you are working on a new project all your previous translations are at your fingertips.

translation memory

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Translation Memory Features

  • Default Translation Memory

    The default translation memory is the one that is automatically assigned to every new project that you create.

  • Self-Learning Translation Memory

    Define the projects you want your TM to learn from, you can choose all projects or specific ones.

  • Translation Memory Suggestions

    Show translation suggestions from your TM in the translation editor.

  • Fill Empty Text

    Use your Translation Memory with the Prefill feature to automatically fill empty text segments.

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