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Translation Style Guides are an essential tool to promote the consistency of all your translation projects.

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Style Guides

What is a Translation Style Guide?

The LingoHub Style Guides are a set of standards established for the translators to follow while translating texts. They promote the consistency of the translations within all the projects in which they are used.

Style Guide Benefits

Better Translation Consistency

Once defined, Style Guides improve your experience in multiple ways:

  • Improve Machine Translation suggestions - the defined formality will be attached to DeepL
  • Support translators when you order translations: The Style Guide will be added to your translation order allowing your external translators to follow the defined rules.
  • Act as a guideline for your in-house translators

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Style Guide Features

  • Audience Style Guide

    The audience corresponds to the age range of the people your business is targeting. Choose from: Children, Teenagers, Young adults, Adults, and Elderly people.

  • Literal Translation

    This style guide informs whether the texts should be translated literally or using a cultural, conversational, or neutral style.

  • Vocabulary Type

    The vocabulary type is the general style that is used in the translations. It can be fictional, popular, or technical.

  • Grammatical Person

    The Grammatical Person refers to the subject that should be used by the translators when working on the texts. You have the choice between 8 different grammatical persons.

  • Formality

    There are 2 available options for this Style Guide: Formal and Informal and it is used to get more accurate translations from the Machine Translation.

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