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Imagine highly accurate machine translation that saves you time, money and takes nothing away from the quality. Ready? Here’s how we do it.

Machine translation

DeepL & Google Translate support

Reliable Machine Translation integration

LingoHub takes the best from DeepL and Google Translate engines - the extensive list of supported languages by Google Translate and the highest accuracy of translation provided by DeepL, to make sure your translation is up to the highest standards in no time.

software translation with machine translation

Save time & costs

Cut translation time and costs, increase the quality

LingoHub is more than your standard software localization platform. Our Machine Translation system accelerates your translation process for fast release cycles while providing you with a toolkit intended to standardize the quality of your projects.

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Latest updates

DeepL - the latest addition to LingoHub.

DeepL’s machine translation output is less probable to be a literal, word-to-word translation than most. DeepL catches the intended meaning of the sentence with all the shades between.

What makes LingoHub unique

Continuous translations

Software localization is an ongoing effort. Integrate your translation workflow in your development pipeline


LingoHub is made by and for developers. It includes all the localization tools developers need.

Open for all software

LingoHub is tailored for your personal needs. It supports all major technologies and platforms.

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