Translation Tools boost Translation Speed and Quality

Self-learning Translation Memory System

Every saved translation is automatically added to your personal Translation Memory. When working on similar texts in the future, LingoHub’s Translation Memory suggests translations based on similarity to improve text consistency and accelerate translation.

Automatic Machine Translation

Machine Translation suggests an initial phrase based on computer algorithms to reduce translation time. From this starting point translators work out high-quality translations with maximum efficiency.

Benefit from LingoHub’s Translation Tools

From combined self-learning Translation Memory and automatic Machine Translation (TM2) to other translation gadgets, LingoHub gives your team everything to translate and manage texts efficiently.

  • Reduce Translation Time

    Automated Machine Translation provides an initial phrase so translators don’t have to start from scratch. Approved suggestions from the Translation Memory can reused to accelerate translation.

  • Increase Text Quality

    Translation quality results from text consistency. Previously approved translations are automatically suggested to avoid inconsistent terminology and maintain a consistent style in all translations.

  • Never translate the same Text twice

    LingoHub’s online Translation Memory suggests up to 3 translations based on similarity with past ones. Using these suggestions ensures that no texts are translated twice.

  • Reduce Costs

    The Translation Memory system keeps per-word translation costs down as saved translations are repurposed. Autofill automatically reuses matches from the Translation Memory for empty text segments.

Reasons to go with LingoHub’s Translation Memory

Multiple individualized Translation Memories

Create plenty of Translation Memories to provide custom suggestions for your different translation projects. Decide whether your Translation Memory learns from a specific or all projects and select the texts included by status.

Create multiple Translation Memories
Use suggestions by clicking on them or using keyboard shortcuts

Easy-to-use Suggestions

Suggestions from Translation Memory system and Machine Translation are simply used by clicking on them or using keyboard shortcuts to reduce translation time.

Fill up empty Texts Segments with Autofill

Autofill reuses 100%, >90% or >80% matches from the Translation Memory or texts from Machine Translation. LingoHub automatically checks empty segments and automatically copies the text.

Autofill empty translations with matches from Translation Memory or Machine Translation
Autofill empty transaltions

Share Texts across Languages and Dialects

Define additional autofill rules to share texts across different dialects and languages. LingoHub checks empty text segments in German (Austria) and automatically copies matching texts from German. This works for any language combination you specify.

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