Term Base for higher Text Quality

Benefit from LingoHub’s extensive Term Base

Share key terms, their translations and definitions with your translation team via LingoHub’s Term Base.

  • The Term Base is your primary asset to ensure all translation projects follow your company’s style.
  • Text consistency is increased as the Term base makes sure that specific terms are always translated the same way.
  • Turnaround time is reduced as translators can finish translations accurately and quickly.
Term Base

Top Reasons to go with LingoHub’s Term Base

Eliminate Guesswork and Ambiguity

Provide your translation team with a compilation of terms, approved translations and context information for clarification. The Term Base perfectly connects employees and external translators for consistent terminology.

Term Base reduces guesswork
Term Base increases consistency and translation quality

Higher Consistency and Text Quality

Share valuable context information throughout your team and with all your translators via LingoHub’s Term Base. It ultimately improves text quality as consistent terminology is ensured through automatic quality checks even if different translator work on the same project.

Integrated Quality Checks

Define translations for certain terms and words that are not to be translated but kept in the source language in your Term Base. LingoChecks automatically control and enforce predefined terms. Company and industry specific terms are used properly.

LingoChecks automatically control terms
Provide valuable context information

Accelerate Translation Speed

Your individual Term Base eliminates the need of terminology research. Your translators are provided with high-quality context information and don’t have to spend valuable time on research. LingoHub’s Term Base appears in context, maximizing translation speed and accuracy.

Reuse Terms from previous Translations

You can build up and expand your Term Base online by entering terms, translations and descriptions. If you already have a Term Base from previous translation work, just import a CSV file via drag’n’drop in LingoHub.

Add terms or upload CSV file to import term base

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