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Chipolo started their journey with Lingohub more than five years ago. Their main task was to find a tool that could be a centralized repository to enable any team member to access the translations of the Chipolo app.

Moreover, Chipolo was searching for a platform that could foster seamless collaboration and ensure the consistency of multilingual content. They also aimed to automate and streamline the translation process to the maximum extent possible.

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Three years ago, CompanyMood switched to Lingohub for a TMS with better technical features and convenient UI/UX after having experience with similar systems that didn't cover their requirements.

The main goals of the CompanyMood team were to increase the go-to-market speed, help translation teams translate the information faster and more efficiently, and, as a result, provide their services worldwide without language barriers.


TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods came to Lingohub more than 5 years ago to solve the challenges in localizing their products. The first big task was simplifying and streamlining the entire localization process for the development team, as it can take a lot of time for developers to work with language files without appropriate and helpful tools.

The second task was a time-to-market acceleration — the ability to quickly add new languages without additional engineering efforts was a priority for TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods.

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