Rocket.Chat has used the Lingohub for more than three years. The main requirements for translation management software (TMS) were establishing consistency for users through various regions and coordinating the volunteers' contributions. For big companies with a lot of volunteers, like Rocket.Chat is significant to have the one system that can coordinate localization workflow and scale the abilities based on the company's growth,


Before using Lingohub, portatour® evaluated different online and desktop translation management systems, which, as a result, didn’t cover all business needs. Their goal was to find a united system where all the translators’ files would be kept - no more SVN/Git checkouts on the PCs of translators or emails with translation job contents.

Also, portatour® looked for a system that can store different types of content (help center, website, app..., etc.) and provide high usability for translators, including CAT tools like machine translation, translation memory, etc.


When Flightradar24 decided to integrate Lingohub, it intended to expand its subscriber base as its application was only available in English, which posed a significant obstacle in attracting non-English speaking users.

Such a limitation of language numbers made it difficult for Flightradar24 to achieve its goal of increasing its subscriber count, so it needed to find a way to overcome this language barrier. The Flightradar24 team looked for a tool that would cover their requirements for in-house translation and would be able to support the product during its development.

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