Note: we have updated the translation memory so this information is not actual anymore. Please read our help center article to learn more about current translation memory version.

When we released our new translation editor a few weeks ago, some users were surprised that we had dropped machine translation (MT) from the interface. We had to remove some functionality temporarily to prepare for release of a beta version of our translation memory (TM) which is now available to all users. Machine translation is back as well.

A translation memory is a flexible database, integrated with a translation editor, where previously translated texts are stored. This can not only aid a translator in speeding up the work, but can also improve the consistency of the overall translation quality of a project, as often times elements can be easily re-used and translated the exact same way. It cuts time needed to look up past texts and as you'll see in our editor, it is really convenient.

Let's have a look at machine translation. As you can see, the active segment is now highlighted better. Now if you click on the MT suggestion will move it to the text field:


In this example we have relevant text from the translation memory. You can pick from suggestions that match best, similar to how MT text is being suggested. You can also click the ID of a previous translation to check it out in more detail (maybe that one deserves a change):


Lingohub's current TM is a beta product, and along with the re-integrated machine translation (which can also be called up via keyboard shortcut) should help translators working on localization projects in being more productive. It's not our goal to replicate a fully-fledged CAT suite within Lingohub at this point, however, these are essential tools for translators, and we will later build upon a lot of this technology for LingoIO which will be open for testing later this fall.

Enjoy localizing! Let us know how you like it. Also, have a look at the following screencast that takes you on a short tour of our editor:

Other changes we introduced today are enormous performance enhancements (you should really be able to feel the difference), a revamped project creation wizard, and some improvements to our overall user interface.

If you are new to Lingohub: helps manage your web or mobile app localization projects hassle-free and cuts out overhead costs from the translation process. It is an easy-to-integrate (Github, APIs, Bitbucket...) platform for software developers.

For translators, we are now working on LingoIO, an online office environment that will go far beyond just a translation editor.

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