Which major developments will 2014 have in store for the translation and localization industry? What are the major issues that concern you as a translator, or a product vendor looking into localization? At Lingohub, our mission is to bring both groups closer together, and provide not only a comprehensive localization management solution, but also an online environment for translators that is built around you. To get a broader view of the industry, and ensure that what we are building is exactly what you need (not what we think you need), we have created a  quick survey. You can use this to let us know your heart's desires, your views on the industry and what would improve your work.

The most informative results from the survey will be published on this blog in a few weeks, please spread the word and let you colleagues know about it. You can also go beyond the survey, and send us ideas and feedback any time, email us, or comment below.

For Translators - Click below to participate in this year's Translation Trends Survey:

Link to 5min Survey

For developers and product creators - click below to participate in this year's Localization Trends Survey:

Link to 5min Survey

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