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Your software localization workflow just got another productivity boost. A mix of requested features and planned updates rolled out this month that we want to give you an overview of. While we are preparing some next steps for Lingohub, these should add some important functionality to your localization experience. So what's new?

New Import and Export view

Your project settings pages have received a facelift! We have slightly re-ordered the functionality you need to manage your project, and this includes a new export view (including those tools part of Github integration, see below) as well as a new wizard on the file import page, including convenient ways to set watch patterns (see below).

More pre-defined watch patterns

If you integrated Lingohub with your Github or Bitbucket repositories, you need to define which resource files Lingohub should watch out for to keep in sync with your project. To do that, you can use REGEX to define a filter. To make the process even easier, Lingohub now comes with a large set of pre-defined watch patterns for a variety of frameworks that should be pre-set to capture just the right types of resource files from your repository. Click here for a blog post describing our updated Github integration, including the step to define watch patterns.

New Lingohub logo and landing page

We look a bit different. We switched our logo for a more recognizeable one and have rolled that out across our platform. Along with that, we've published a new landing page that you see when you browse to without being logged in.

Smarter Sign-in and Sign-up

Lingohub now makes it easier for newcomers and returning users to get started right after logging into the platform. Password retrieval has also been simplified.

Performance Update for .zip File Downloads

You can download entire sets of resource files from your Lingohub project via zipped package files. This process has previously a bit slower than necessary, so we now speeded this up, it should now feel snappy and let you download large amounts of files in no time.

Deactivation and Activation of resource files

You have the option now to deactivate individual resource files within your project when you need it, these then become inaccessible to translators by default, and are no longer considered for synchronization - but the content is not lost. Bigger changes to your projects just became more trackable and transparent for your dev team.

Github push-back and Bitbucket integration

Lastly, as we've outlined in previous blog posts, we have introduced Push-back for our Github integration (see blog post with tutorial) as well as a new Bitbuck integration (see blog post with tutorial) so we are now covering the major platforms with hassle-free integration. The two blog posts also have a screenshot tour including the view of our new import and export views.

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