Note: This information is not actual anymore - we updated our application in 2023. Read about the new dashboard in the article.

It has been some time coming, and to get you off to a new start in 2014, it is now available. If you log into your Lingohub account today (or night, depending on where in this brave new world you currently are), you will see a colorful new overview of a project in the dashboard.

The new dashboard gives you a concise briefing of the current status, the latest comments and changes, a per-locale status report and much more. Check out your current projects right now to experience it. We have rolled this out across all our user accounts along with a server-side switch to Heroku, which also gives a major performance boost to pretty much everything you are doing within Lingohub. Some other areas of Lingohub have also received some performance boosts, our support center for example is now powered by angular.js and you should feel the difference.

Here is a screenshot of the new dashboard:


The per-locale progress bars provide some more detailed information, which replace the old table-based overview of translations per locale. One much requested feature is the character and word count in the dashboard. These have been added, and the four status features are visualized proportionately. Your goal as a project leader is to get everything to green obviously.

Here is a closer look at the main overview window if you are one level up in your "my projects" overview:

selection 309

Back in the dashboard, let us have a closer look at the per-locale translation progress.


Each locale shows the collaborators assigned to it. Hovering over their avatars or identicons will show you their role. A click on the colored segments will send you directly into the translations overview with translations of the current status filtered for you. See the little umbrellas? This is a top level indicator of whether there are unmet LingoChecks in this locale or not. Read more about LingoChecks here.

Please note/p we are still improving some of features, and thus welcome your feedback. We're going to announce some other changes that have landed at your fingertips within the next few days. Happy lingohubbing!

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