Berlin is a buzzing start-up capital these days (read “Ich bin ein Berliner” on TheNextWeb or this overview of the Startup Ecosystem in Berlin), and since Sebastian is our team member working from Berlin, and the Berlin International Film Festival is about to start soon, Lingohub decided to work from the German capital for an entire week and get a sense of what Berlin innovators are up to.

If you’re in Berlin, this is your chance to meet us. Whether you’re interested in Lingohub in general, or the localization business and trends, or you’re in fact a translator, or an app developer, or an investor - it’s coffee time! Let us know if you’re around the week of February 11-15, and we’ll meet up.

We’ll also be at the betahaus’ BetaBreakfast on Thursday the 14th (link to event page), if you’re there, say hello. If you know of any cool events you think we should attend that week, we’re looking forward to hearing from you as well. Contact us or hit us up on the social networks.

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