The summer is slowly coming to an end, so we decided to make best use of the remaining sunny days. The Lingohub team came together at our HQ in beautiful Linz, Austria to enjoy the September sun and work on Lingohub. We came together from far away places like Novi Sad, Serbia (Marko) and Berlin, Germany (Sebastian) and Sofia, Bulgaria (Svetlana). We talked about strategy, planned upcoming features, welcomed our new intern Lisa, and of course we had some fun going crazy out in the woods, and relaxed by the Danube.

Working in a multicultural team poses challenges for daily work and leadership, but none of us would have it any other way. Different languages, points of view, mentalities and backgrounds add great perspectives to working on a project.It opens our eyes to weaknesses in our solution, it conditions us for targeting a multicultural set of customers, and helps us grow as human beings.

Particularly interesting of course is to be working together in one physical location after usually many weeks of experiencing video-conferences as the closest personal interaction. We had great fun zip-lining in a forest parcours outside of Linz, testing our courage and sense of balance. Hanging out by the Danube having a BBQ was part of our elaborate "recharging our batteries" strategy. We are ready for a busy fall, are you?

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