Name suffixes and prefixes of titles in Austria and Germany

Helmut Michael Juskewycz
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Some countries put more emphasis on titles than others. This cultural knowledge can help avoid embarrassment. For example, in Germany  you are only a professor (and you can put "Prof." in front of your name) if you actually hold a chair/professorship at a university. In the United States however, students call you professor even though you might "just" be a lecturer. It is a job description, not so much a title.

Things get a bit "out of hand" if you consider our focus example: Austria. The lovely country and home of this company puts very much emphasis on titles, degrees and other suffixes. In professional circles, Austrians start using degrees and titles on their business cards usually starting with a bachelor's degree. Whereas in Germany no degree below a master's degree is even mentioned anywhere, in Austria the "Magister" even becomes a title listed on official identification as "Mag.", just like "Prof. Dr." . The screenshot below lists all the possible combinations common in Austria, in contrast to the options in Germany.

Img We would like to know more about examples from other countries, so feel free to post below or send us screenshots of registration forms or business cards.

Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Mag. Matthias C. Kettemann for providing the screenshot.

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