Updated resource file view

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Navigating resource files has never been easier. Continue reading to learn how we improved the resource file overview

Improved overview

The resource file overview now sorts your files alphabetically by resource file name.


In the resources file overview, by clicking on the action menu on the right you can:

  • open the resource file in the editor and start translating
  • download the resource file
  • rename the resource file
  • delete the resource file

To see the status of translations for each resource file, simply expand the language tree by clicking the resource file.

You can download only specific language variants of resource files. Expand the file tree and click download for any desired file.


Resource file overview for Zendesk integrations

The resource file overview for Zendesk integrations features all options as listed above. There is one difference though. Your files will be visible in the repository folders you created. To navigate to any file, you must first navigate to the folder the file is stored inside.

In the example below, the user is in the folder General which contains more subfolders but also some files.


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