A new project wizard for all of us

Helmut Michael Juskewycz
· 1 min read
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A new project wizard for all of us

There is magic in new beginnings. In particular, starting a new project can be exciting, no matter if that’s a mobile app you want to build, or a new language you want to support.

With the new project wizard, we listened closely to your feedback and re-worked the project setup from the scratch.

Getting started now gets easier and better. Simply choose the platform you want to support, select the languages you want to translate, and hit create.


Last but not least, you can simply choose to upload your resource files manually, or connect a repository of your choice. We’ve streamlined the project creation process for you. Go check it out yourself by simply creating a new project within LingoHub.****

Give LingoHub a try

After you’ve got a new LingoHub project created with the new Project Wizard, and you set up your LingoHub packages, make sure to let us know what you think.

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