UI Update: New View for Term Bases & Translation Memories

Helmut Michael Juskewycz
ยท 1 min read
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Two weeks ago, we released our UI update for Reports and promised you a fresh surprise shortly.

Well - here it is!

Our Translation Tools section is in the past, and you can access Term Bases and Translation Memories in your Organization Settings.

Term Base


Access your Term Base preferences to simply import your Term Base and check out all the information about the term. Img

Check out Term Base Entries for a full overview of all entries. Search, edit, delete or download Term Bases with a simple click.


Adding a Term Base has never been easier too.


Translation Memory

Create a new Translation Memory or get a full overview of your existing Translation Memories and navigate them through different projects.


Easily change Translation Memory settings: select a preferred translation status (draft, translated, approved) or specific projects that you want to fill the TM in question.


Be sure to let us know what you think of our new UI updates,

Your LingoHub Team <3

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