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As Frank Smith once said “one language sets you in a corridor of life, two languages open every door along the way”. We’re extremely happy to present a truly global champion in today’s translation case study. The young Austrian company Usersnap already gains global success and international companies around the globe trust in its fantastic bug tracking tool.

Today Thomas Peham, Marketing Manager at Usersnap, answers some interesting questions on the topic of translation. We’re happy to have Usersnap on board talking about the very beginning of the company and their translation progress.


Lingohub brought our translation workflow on the next level and allowed us to collaborate more effectively with our external translators.

About Usersnap

Founded in 2013, Usersnap is now the #1 feedback and bug tracking tool for web development. Please, tell us about the beginning of the company and the achievements you’ve made so far.

Usersnap was founded in March 2013 by Florian Dorfbauer, Gregor Dorfbauer and Josef Trauner. The idea behind Usersnap was born out of the different communication problems we faced with our daily work in developing web applications.

The product is a result of our vision to make web development more efficient and pleasant. Because we couldn’t find an existing solution in the market and seeing the potential of a visual bug tracking tool, we decided to build our own and Usersnap was established.

Since it started, Usersnap has been continuously growing in terms of user base and turnover. We were also named by Forbes Magazine as one of the “European Startups to watch”.

Usersnap committed itself to enhance customer feedback and facilitate bug reporting. Can you tell us more about your great bug tracking system and its features?

Sure. The main thing that separates Usersnap from other feedback and bug tracking tools out there is definitely the screenshot.


Usersnap creates screenshots of the current browser content. It helps developers, customers and everyone involved in a web project to share feedback and communicate effectively about issues.

With its point and click issue reporting, tracking bugs was never easier. The screenshots, along with important information such as browser version, screen size, URL and other additional information, help you solve every web issue faster.

Usersnap also offers more than 20 integrations with your favorite project management and bug tracking systems (such as Basecamp, Asana, JIRA, Trello, ...).

Lots of developers are also reading our blog so we want to point out a technical perspective as well. How does Usersnap integrate in the web development process?

That’s a great question. We have a lot of web development teams among our customers who make use of Usersnap in different ways.

Usersnap can be used for better collaboration throughout various project stages. You can discuss design drafts or first prototypes inside Usersnap as well as collect bugs and issues while testing your new web app or website.

Developers love Usersnap because it provides them with all the information necessary to reproduce bugs. Even client-side JavaScript errors can be logged with the Usersnap feedback widget.

After a site goes live, Usersnap is also used to collect feedback from website visitors.


Famous and international companies like Microsoft and Netflix trust Usersnap. How many countries are you currently shipping your product to?

Yes – that’s true. More than 90% of our revenue is generated from customers outside of Austria. We have customers in more than 2.500 cities around the world.

We are also proud to have a lot of companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Talkdesk as well as small startups and agencies on board trusting Usersnap.


We are happy that you are translating the Usersnap widget with Lingohub. Please tell us how you handled translations before using Lingohub and how you are managing translations now.

Because Usersnap is used by people from all over the world, we already started thinking about the challenges of translations early on. Before Lingohub, we had quite a basic workflow set up.

We created a Google Spreadsheet where we translated our feedback widget into 15 different languages with Google Translate. This workflow worked out quite well in the beginning, since it enabled us to translate our widget automatically.

However, Google Translate isn’t really the best way to go when dealing with a lot of technical terms so we started looking for other options.

After giving Lingohub a try, we knew that it will bring our translation workflow to the next level. With Lingohub, we are now able to easily collaborate with external translators, giving them an easy-to-use interface to do their job.

We are curious to hear which improvements you’ve made since you’ve started using Lingohub. What do you like best about?

Since we started using Lingohub, our translation significantly improved and as a result, more and more customers are requesting new languages for our feedback widget.

With Lingohub, it is easy to add new languages to our product. As of today, we are already offering our feedback widget in 25 languages. Thanks to Lingohub, managing those translations is simple & pretty straight forward.

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