There are few blogs we use in leisure time. We read them daily and we believe they are a "must-follow" for anyone dealing with translation industry. Some of them have very broad topics, some are pretty narrow but all of them have one thing in common - they are all brilliant.

Adventures in Freelance translation is a blog written by Catherine Christaki, a Greek freelance translator who blogs about languages (she speaks German, French and English beside her native Greek language), translation, freelancing, travelling and blogging.  She blogs on a regular basis and is very active on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Her wide knowledge and the way how she is sharing are the reasons why she is on our list.

Thoughts on Translation  is another blog we enjoy reading. It is written by Corinne McKay, an English translator, author and translation educator who published two books ( Thoughts on translation which is a compilation of her blog entries). She blogs about freelancing, giving tips and tricks for the whole life cycle of the translation business and sharing her own experience. That is also the reason why we like her. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Balance your words by Sara Colombo, among others, gives many ideas what freelance translators can do in their spare time. As a former marketing student, Sara gives nice insight into this area of business.  She published a book which represents her professional diary. Sara, who by the way speaks six languages (!), can be found on Twitter here.

Scheherezade Surià is a Spanish freelance translator who blogs about languages and translation. Although her Las 1001 traducciones is in Spanish (one more reason to learn Spanish), her tumblr has English content. Being a rare pin-up translator who is at the same time loyal to her language puts her to our list. You can follow Scheherezade on Twitter here.  Similar to her is Mox's blog which is a comic strip made by Alejandro Moreno-Ramos, a Spanish freelance translator with electrycal engineering background, who deliveres translator's everyday issues (Mox's) in a hilarious way. Unfortunately, the blog has been inactive for some time. However, we still enjoy the content, and hope the author will resume the blog at some time.

And the last, but not the least, THE Marta Stelmaszak, a Polish translator passionate about business. Her Want words targets all translators interested in starting their own business. Being very active on both Facebook and Twitter, Marta is a real pro in self-promotion, showing she knows what marketing is all about. If you want to know how the things in business work (and thus how to best sell yourself), Marta is the way to go.

If there is someone you think that should have been on the list, please share the blog in the comments bellow. We can't wait to check them out!

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