On February 24th this year Russia invaded Ukraine and started a war in the middle of Europe. Since then, Ukrainians have been defending their homes and fighting for independence. Accessible information is an integral part of reaching as many people as possible. Lingohub wants to help convey general information about Ukraine, its businesses, and services worldwide. Hence, we offer a considerable discount for all Ukrainian companies (including the media).

With Lingohub it will be faster and easier to translate documents, software, and websites and tell the world more about Ukraine, its talents, and innovations.

Contact us via [email protected] to get the following:

  • 75% discount for the first year of using Lingohub
  • 50% discount for the second year
  • and 25% for the third

on any of our subscription plans.

We strive to aid Ukrainians in their struggle for independence and hope for a peaceful future.

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